March 13-14

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StacsHack 7 is the latest incarnation of the annual hackathon hosted by the University of St Andrews Computing Society (STACS)!

StacsHack will be a bit different this year being virtual, but we hope to still create that unique StacsHack atmosphere.

There’ll be prizes and lots of fun to be had, so we hope to see you there!



10:00-10:30Sign in and Welcome
10:30-11:15Opening Ceremony
11:15-11:45Team Finding
12:00Hacking Begins!
15:00-16:00Bloomberg Python Workshop
16:00-16:45American Express PowerPoint Karaoke
18:00-18:45echoAR Workshop
00:00Midnight Games


12:00Hacking Stops
13:00-16:00Presentations and Closing Ceremony


What is StacsHack?

StacsHack is the annual student hackathon hosted by the St Andrews Unversity Computing Society, where over 150 people gather each year to build something new. This event will span a 24 hour period, from 12:00 on Saturday to 12:00 on Sunday.

How is a Virtual StacsHack different?

StacsHack will be entirely virtual this year, in line with University and Scottish Government guidelines. We’ll be hosting the event on Discord, streaming our opening and closing ceremony via Twitch. There’ll be a variety of virtual activities to give you a break from hacking, and we hope to keep the same light hearted atmosphere as the usual in person Stacshack!

Do I need to have a team before the event?

No! Feel free to come as a single person, we’ll help you out with finding a team!

Can I take part in StacsHack?

Any and all students 18+ are welcome to particpate!

Is StacsHack free?

Thanks to our sponsors, StacsHack is free for all particpants.

How many people can be on a team?

Teams can be comprised of up to 4 people.

Can I work on my project before the event?

To keep things fair, we only allow projects that have been started and completed within the 24 hour period.

What is your code of conduct?

All attendees, sponsors, partners, and volunteers are expected to follow the Hack Code of Conduct.

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